The Early Bird…

It’s 3:30 AM and I’m awake for the day. It’s one of those times where I don’t want to be awake yet here I find myself – awake. Goober was the instigator this morning. It’s getting cuter by the number of cups of coffee I have but in the moment – not funny! She woke me up, quite insistently, to show me the cricket she found and had cornered under my comfy chair. That’s a good girl Goobs but really…3:30 AM?? And once I run outside for a smoke, get a drink, check my email – it’s over. I’m awake. Now all the kids are up too. I can’t remember the last time the majority of this family was up and semi-functional at 4:30 AM…

So, today is my appointment with the surgeon to get his opinion and more than likely schedule my surgery. I’m sure this is a little part of the reason I’m up so early… I’m extremely nervous. I haven’t felt real good since my belly started getting poked and prodded. I’m not having attacks but I just don’t feel right and I feel sick after I eat. Since I’m not trying to lose weight – I AM!! Ain’t that the way it goes?? In 10 days I’ve lost 10 pounds. Stress? Nah….

Since I’m up super early and have the extra time I’m always trying to find in the day I thought I’d chat with you!!  😀

The apartment is finally starting to feel like home. We’ve got the essential furniture in place, minus the dresser and of course a real TV. The curtains, pictures and a few touches here and there are really making it feel like ours. It dawned on me the other day what we’ve been missing – Stuff. Sounds so ridiculous I know after we just purged nearly everything we owned to simplify a little over a year ago. But there is something very comforting about being surrounded with our stuff. Whether its stuff we’ve bought or stuff we’ve acquired and made our own or stuff we’ve created – it’s all our stuff. That’s what separates a home from a hotel room. It may be filled with the exact same stuff but it feels different when it’s your things. Adding some personal touches and misc sit abouts and decorations have really helped in turning the corner. So  I’ve been back on Pinterest for more inspiration for the finishing touches. I’ve also been hunting for organizational tips. The apartment isn’t big and there isn’t a lot of built-in storage so I’m having to get a little creative to find non-permanent and thrifty options. I see fabric covered boxes, candle holders and paper flowers in my future… If nothing else a few projects to keep me busy  while I’m recuperating from my surgery.

Yesterday we had a surprise visit from our new Mini friends while they were out shopping on their day off. It was a lovely surprise!! We’ve never met another couple we have so much in common with and we’re really enjoying getting to know them. It’s been a solid 2 months since they originally came to visit us at the apartment. We didn’t realize how much the apartment had changed with all the new additions until we saw it through their eyes. I guess we’re making progress!! 😉 I’m having another vision…girls crafting day/boys video game day… Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get together but with our different schedules and oh yeah that pesky surgery thing…we’ll see.

I’ve been hounded by a couple of customers because we haven’t done a lot of the sight-seeing touristy things to see what their city is all about. Yesterday another gal came in and she was kinda insulted that we hadn’t went for coffee and a certain kind of pastry that apparently they are famous for but I can’t remember the name of right now. And that’s the kinda thing that’s right up our alley!! Chris has been itching to get out somewhere, anywhere really, to play with his new camera. I think we’re going to make a day of it this Thursday. Somewhere. We’ve heard there’s a big beautiful mall on the other side of the river…shopping is always fun!! Plus there’s the tourist tours in the French Quarter, the cool kind on the horse-drawn buggies or the Segway tours or the double-decker bus tours. I was also scolded because we haven’t been partaking of the festivals. Seriously there’s a festival, at least one, every weekend around here. Last weekend was some kind of tomato festival…really?? Whatever floats your boat I guess. I told ya people around here don’t need much of an excuse to party!! So we’ll see where the GPS takes us but we’ll head out somewhere and do something. I think we both would fair well with some time away from the Mini to do a little exploring. Maybe a little de-stressing in the process.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the surgery but hopefully I’ll get to finish a few of these projects and then we’ll have some real fun with an upcycling post!!

With Much Love



3 thoughts on “The Early Bird…

  1. Kristy Tell them please your MIL has pancreatic cancer and it would make you feel so much better to have a bloodtest called CA19-9

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  2. Good getting an update from you, Kristy. Hope you sail through the surgery. 🙂

    Yes, stuff is nice. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the lack of stuff in the camper, but enjoy the stuff when I come home.

    Glad you’ve made some good friends there. I’m not much of a festival person, either. One now and then is fine. There are other things I enjoy a lot more.

  3. You absolutely must go to Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter for beignets (that’s the pastries everyone’s talking about). Beignets are deep fried pastry dough which are covered in powdered sugar when they cool.

    Best to you on your impending surgery. I hope all goes well and they get it taken care of so you’re back to feeling good.

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