So it’s official. Surgery is scheduled for Monday morning bright and early. I went for my pre-op tests yesterday and came home scared to pieces. It has nothing to do with the hospital…or the surgeon…or anything rational. Just scared. There’s something very unnerving to me about anyone poking around in my belly and then removing something… I know it’s very routine, the nurse even called it a drive thru surgery, but for me – I don’t wanna!! So yesterday I moped and fretted then I had myself a good cry and today I’m putting my big girl panties back on. Moving forward. Dealing.

I feel like I need to get everything I can done before the surgery. Make sure the house is clean, laundry done, giving Chris a hair cut, get all the grocery shopping done and any other errands ran, get a little ahead in the office to make things easier on Chris and get some small upcycling projects lined up for me to piddle with while I’m stuck in the house recuperating. Today will be full of errands for the Mini and for us. I’m looking forward to it. Get out. Turn the music up. Getting it all accomplished will help put my mind at ease and give me something else to focus on. Plus I’m going to have a lot of fun craft supply shopping and pampering myself a little with a mani & pedi. šŸ˜€

On a brighter note – I’ve finished a few small crafty projects and the oval standing mirror for the bedroom. I’ve been focusing on the smaller, indoor, projects since the heat advisories seem to be coming daily now. Not only is it hard on me to work in those temps it’s not real good for getting paint to set and cure either. Plus this way I get to focus on some of the smaller details and finishing touches for the house. With every project it’s feeling more and more like home.

Taking pics of the finished projects is on my To Do list before Monday. Gotta give ya something to come back for!! šŸ˜‰

With Much Love



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