Photo Album by Chris

I’ve been wanting to do a photo blog for a few weeks now of just a few of the amazing pics Chris has been taking with his new spiffy camera. That thing is like a little picture computer!! It has so many different options and fancy bells and whistles it’s probably a good thing he isn’t letting me touch it!! YET!!  😉

These two we are blowing up to 20X30 poster size for our dining room wall!! That’s how stinkin awesome they are!! I think they’re gonna look fabulous next to each other. Chris is really getting into the color filter options on the camera. I LOVE IT!!

DSCF1074 DSCF1094




This is an old abandoned power pole between us and our neighbors. Ain’t it funny the things you notice when you stop to look??







Everybody knows I’m a fool for a good abstract so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is one of my absolute favorites!! If you can guess what it is I’ll send you a copy of the pic!!






I just LOVE how this one has such an electric feel to it.






Last but not least… Such a pretty close up!!


With that I’ll conclude the first of many Photo Albums by Chris!!

With Much Love



2 thoughts on “Photo Album by Chris

  1. So beautiful, Kristy. I LOVE the white abstract. I can’t think what it might be. At first I thought a feather duster, but on second look, knew that was wrong. Can’t wait to hear what it really is!

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