My recliner and I are having a lot of bonding time…once this whole deal is said and done my ass cheeks will be permanently imprinted for all of eternity on this chair. Thankfully my nap today in the bed went a lot better than yesterday so tonight I can get out of this chair and into bed with Mr where I belong!!

I must admit that I felt better yesterday than I do today. It seems kinda backwards to me but then again this whole surgery thing is all new to me so what do I know?? But I guess that’s why I have all these feel good pills to keep me company.

Chris has been Mr. Fabulous taking care of everything; the office, the kids, the house, the cooking; the cleaning and above all ME! He is my super hero. I couldn’t imagine doing this on my own. He is even working on finishing up a couple of my upcycling projects for me. He finished the framing and hanging of our first official picture on the wall and he installed the time piece on my wall clock. Unfortunately we’ve a couple 1’s shy from numbering the clock so I need to order more #s from Michaels. Then I’ll be able to seal it and get her hung up too.


I had hoped I’d be feeling up to a little crafting today but no such luck. Instead I’m finding that the silliest things hurt like reaching up and bending over. I keep forgetting that they had to cut through my tummy muscles to get to my gallbladder. Did you know your gallbladder is the size of a baking potato?? Me neither. And since I had a stone the size of a golf ball in my baking potato… The visualization on that one is hilarious to me. Or maybe it’s just the feel good pills… Don’t know, don’t care. πŸ˜‰

The home office sent me the biggest most beautiful flower arrangement ever with a lovely card full of well wishes of a speedy recovery. Just in case I haven’t mentioned it lately – We work for the bestest company in the whole wide world!! Aren’t they gorgeous??


They didn’t last even 30 mins in the house before Pinks was all over ’em. So into the office they went for everyone to enjoy. Chris didn’t waste much time before getting his camera out and taking some incredible close up photos of individual flowers in the arrangement. I think we may have another one to blow up and frame now. πŸ˜€

DSCF1128 DSCF1130









This last one is my newest favorite. I can already see it blown up and hung in our bedroom. That camera is simply amazing!!

Here’s a couple shots of my Orchid. I just love orchids!! They’re so delicate and very unique.

DSCF1110 DSCF1108





One last pic. I didn’t intend for this to turn into another one of Chris’ photo albums but I guess it’s just you’re lucky day!! This is a little froggie we saw in the gate just outside our back door. Ain’t he cute!!


That’s all for now. I’m off to take another little cat nap…

With Much Love



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