Half Way to Home FREE!!

I’m officially half way through my recovery time as of today. Yippee!! Hooray!! I must admit that the whole surgery and recovery has been easy breezy compared to the gallbladder attacks I was having. I’ll take this slight discomfort vs those attacks anytime!! I’m still very tired and the silliest things bother me (sitting upright to eat supper or leaning over to paint my nails) but all in all I’m feeling great.

I’m starting to get the itch to work the Mini but Dr Chris isn’t allowing such nonsense (as he says). The good Dr still isn’t allowing me to do any chores or cooking either. Not sure how much longer I can sit back and just watch him work his butt off while I lounge lazily in my recliner. He did ‘allow’ me to run the errands yesterday, ok that sounds like a lot, he ‘allowed’ me to go to the bank and post office. A whole mile round trip and maybe a half hour outing. All done before it got too warm and while traffic was slightly better. I thought it’d be no big deal. It’s something that I’m used to doing a couple of times a week and I usually throw in a couple personal errands while I’m at it – no biggie. But yesterday I did my loop and came straight home and headed right back to bed for another 3 hour nap. Guess Dr Chris knows a thing or two…don’t tell him I said that!!

The big plan for today – shave my legs and pits. It’s the little things folks and if I don’t get to shaving we’re gonna need a braiding party here soon. Ummm…not if I have anything to say about it!! So that’s my big elaborate plan…sounds really sad but it is what it is. Tomorrow is our day OFF!! Hallelujah!! What to do with ourselves?? As of right now it’s a whole lotta nothing except a quick run across the street for a few groceries. I’m not even going to try to go to all three of my discount stores for the groceries, just across the street and done.

I’m hoping if I’m a good girl I’ll get released early for good behavior and we can resume normal life with me as a participant. But as everyone keeps reminding me I did have surgery even if I can’t see all the boo boos they’re there. I know…I know!! So, in my recliner I stay – for now!! 😦 I’m going to sneak in a little crafting today so there!!


With Much Love




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