Healthier Us

I’ve been wandering around the internet looking for answers on what is considered healthy and whats not. That task can leave your head spinning!! Eggs are good – NO eggs are bad. Butter vs Margarine?? Who knows… Red Meat, is it ok? OK in moderation? I even found like 4 different food pyramids…really?? Then there are the hundreds of different diet plans…if you think I’m exaggerating check out this link, you’ll find the most thorough and unbiased listing of diet plans I’ve ever seen in one place. How is anyone supposed to figure this out?? And this doesn’t even touch on any of the surgical options available today. Or how about the over the counter pills, powders, shakes, bars etc?? Or the ‘miracle’ products only available online?? Then there’s the doctor prescribed pills. Is that safe?? I’d feel safer taking something that a doctor gave me but how about the whole diet pill disaster years ago?? Is it safer now or just another version of snake oil?? How about exercise…for good gravy that’s just as bad!! Cardio vs strength training?? How often?? At what intensity?? How long?? If you add exercise do you up your calories?? But then it’s back to the whole diet deal… Do you count calories?? If so how many should you have?? How many is too many and how many is not enough?? The other thing I’ve learned is that you really can’t ask anyone else about their diet plan…It’s their opinion or it’s what they have to do for their medical condition or it’s what their doctor put them on or it’s what their brother’s cousin’s girlfriend’s Mom did to lose 50 pounds. None of that really pertains to me and quite frankly what works for one person isn’t necessarily what is or isn’t going to work for me.

So now what?? Where to go from here??

My opinion is we all have to go by what our bodies tell us.

I know for me that I won’t be signing up for any form of weight loss surgery. After the roller coaster of my little drive thru gallbladder surgery I can’t imagine letting someone reroute my internal plumbing. It’s just not for me. I can’t see myself going vegetarian or even further vegan. I can’t see a prepackaged freeze-dried diet plan by mail happening either. I won’t be spending the big bucks on any of the over the counter ‘miracle’ potions or online new-found magic pill. I think I’ve Yo-Yo’ed enough with these options, paid my dues so to speak. They didn’t work for long-term…and that’s what I want a long term solution. Something I can do and manage for the rest of my life and these options just ain’t cuttin it!!

What experience has taught me is that my body has a problem with sugar. I personally love sugar!! So I guess it’s more of a love/hate relationship then. I know that I feel better with less sugar but I also know it’s extremely hard to stay away from the sweet treats. So I’ve opted to go back to a low carb lifestyle – note I did NOT say diet. I’ve found some great support, my Twinks Rebecca, to help me with saying NO to sugar and nutritional empty carbs and to help me find and develop new recipes that will allow the occasional sweet treat without jumping back into the sugar bowl. I’m also opting to stay away from the processed bars, shakes, candies and boxed meals as I feel it’s healthier to stick to real natural food rather than highly processed and chemically preserved ‘food’.

This is my choice because this is what my body responds to and ultimately needs. Of course I’m still weighing myself…I’m not reformed enough from my past Yo-Yo ways to be able to stay away from the scale. But it isn’t the only measure I’m using. I just had all my labs done so I can monitor everything from a medical standpoint but I’m also going by how my body feels, what my energy level is and how my clothes are fitting. I must confess I’m still in the detox stage where I’m going through withdraw from my old friend sugar. I’m tired and I’ve had more headaches recently than in the past year. I know it’ll pass soon but it’s just another affirmation that I had too much sugar on a daily basis and I’ve made the right decision.

So here’s to a decision, a healthier us and a trimmer waistline!!

With Much Love



9 thoughts on “Healthier Us

  1. I wish you much success , on your your new turn in life as it is a lifetime commitment. You have to do what is right for you, i have tried over the counter stuff and had no success. I went the Sensa route and in 4 months have lost 15 pounds so far. That is what finally helped me. Control is one thing i have had to learn and portion controll is the biggest. I did not give anythng up at all , the the size of the portions. Much luck to you and I look forward to seeing how far you have come. Take care of yourself and Christ. Again congrats on the new lifestyle change.

    • Thanks for the support!! I agree it’s a personal decision as we’re each wonderfully unique. I’m glad you found a route that works for you too!! Congrats on your progress. πŸ™‚

  2. I think you’re on the right track for whatever that’s worth πŸ™‚

    Having a healthy relationship with food and your body is most important. I really like the recipes on They are tasty, easy and creative, I especially like that they use “real” ingredients — put me down on the side of butter and olive oil in moderation… She calculates WW points but I don’t worry about that. My family has a huge tendency to diabetes so I just try to eat a bit healthier.

    On the exercise front, walking with a bit of weight training is important for us women. The weight training is important for maintaining bone mass. Just had all my physicals and tests and came through with flying colors. Only thing doc said was might want to lose a few pounds, but she also said that so long as I stay in my current size she wasn’t worried.

    Have fun with the new lifestyle!

    • Thank you for the website, there’s no such thing as too many recipe options!! πŸ˜‰
      We’ve been adding mini walks in the morning and evenings when the temps are at bay a bit. Baby steps!!
      Congrats on your physical!! The peace of mind that everything is OK is priceless.

    • I’ve heard that before somewhere but I’m drawing a blank… Sounds extreme until you read just some of the results showing especially highly processed sugars and their addictive tendencies. An addiction is an addiction.
      Love YOU!!

  3. Listening to your own body is the healthiest way, I think. For instance, when you eat a meal, do you feel energized or dragged out afterwards? Stop and notice your reactions. That’s a clue for what’s good for you.

    My opinion is that the most whole, natural foods you can eat are the healthiest. The ones with the least processing. Fresh or frozen veggies, fruits, whole grain bread, brown rice, beans, lean meats, etc.

    A doctor once told me to avoid eating anything white, like sugar, rice, white bread, shortening, etc. because, in general, white foods are highly processed and tend to be unhealthy. The highly refined carbohydrates tend to make you crave more food because they raise your blood sugar too fast and cause an insulin surge which makes your blood sugar crash. That means you end up feeling like you are starving faster and eat more empty calories.

    So glad to see you feeling better. πŸ™‚

    • I agree with you whole heartedly!! I just can’t help but think that back in the day when all of this processed junk food didn’t exist neither did the high percentage of people severely obese or with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc. Makes me think they’re linked somehow scientifically…
      I’m back to my onry yet perky self and so grateful for it!!

  4. P.S. You might be interested in the Paleo diet. I lose weight faster on low carb diets, but seem happier on a general whole foods diet. Find what works for you!

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