Progress is Being Made!!

I have some great pics to share from the 4th of July BBQ we went to with our fellow Mini friends. Truly it’s more like family than just friends. These are great people. We’ve been welcomed into the family with open arms and feel right at home with the bunch. Here we are in all our cuteness!!

Mini Family




Here’s a good one of Rebecca and I. We’ve quickly become the bestest of friends. When we first got here one of the contractors told me he’d just left my twin or very least sister at another Mini. It was my Rebecca and we’ve been twinkie friends ever since. Ain’t we cute??

Rebecca and Me




Good times with good people!!

Now that I’m feeling like my usual sassy self again we’ve been tackling the long “TO DO” list with avengence. I actually feel like we’re making some forward progress and getting shit done!! LOVE IT!! Now granted it’s not like we’ve conquered the world or anything but even the little stuff is still stuff and it’s now removed itself from my list. Chris received a long overdue haircut…it was to the point of cutting it or braiding it out of his eyes… Not sure why but he insisted on the haircut option. 😉 Next was a fresh hair coloring for me. Those pesky non-pigments keep showing up. UGGHHHHH. This time around I went even darker. I know this will cause the before mentioned non-pigments to show up even more but medium brown is a good color on me, it really accents my eyes and every girl needs to accentuate their best features!! Plus Chris really likes it and I was ready for a change. Add it all up and Viola I have a new chocolate brown hairdo!! Pics to come!!

I’ve made our dental appointments and my vision appointment too. Need to get all that in before the end of the month when they’re making changes to our medical benefits. Trying to get Chris to get his butt to the chiro too but he is being beyond stubborn about the whole deal…frustrating!! But I guess it’s his back, shoulders, neck and head so in the end it’s his choice… GRRRRRR!!!!

We finally ordered some printed copies of Chris’ amazing photographs. We decided on 2 pictures to blow up into poster size and another 4 to be printed on aluminum. The plan is to hang the posters in the dining room and to start a collage of the aluminum photos on another wall of the living room. That way as he takes more great snaps we’ll be able to add them making the wall a work of art. I also ordered our new comforter set for the bedroom. It isn’t the same pattern I showed you earlier so I’ll take pics once it’s set up.

Our biggest feat has been everyone’s favorite – a day at the DMV. We’ve been putting it off and putting it off. After hearing all the horror stories about the line and the cost it was easy to put it on the bottom of the list. We figured 6 months was long enough in tempting fate and we had to get it done. It wasn’t that bad…3 hours at the DVM and now we’re both official Louisiana residents with the drivers licenses to prove it!! Big Red has been registered and sporting her new license plate with pride. It only took another hour at the vehicle inspection site, where Red passed with flying colors, to complete the whole process. DONE DONE and DONE!! Our wallets are $150 lighter but we’re good to go on everything for 2 whole years. Feels good to be legal again…it’s been awhile…a long while I’m embarrassed to say…but done is DONE!!

Another accomplishment but not the sort that’s on any list was my first week of my new low carb eating plan. I stayed on track even through the headaches and lack of energy. I’ve found some great new recipes and made some oldies but goodies that we haven’t had in a very long time. I’m thrilled with all my menu choices, so many great recipes without feeling deprived. And at the end of week 1 I’d lost 6.8 pounds. Not too shabby if I say so myself!! 😀 The headaches are gone and my energy level seems to increasing everyday. Can’t ask for more than that!!

That’s ahelluva lot of progress!! I even managed to sneak in an upcycle project. I saw a small table top left behind and immediately I told Chris that was going to be our new living room wall clock. He gave me the blank stare and I just laughed. After a little sanding, painting and stenciling I had him drill the hole and mount the time piece – Presto! New wall clock.





I have a couple other projects up my sleeves…with us heading into the slower part of the month I see more completed projects in my very near future!!

With Much Love




One thought on “Progress is Being Made!!

  1. I can truly imagine the satisfaction you must feel at getting stuff done like that. And nearly 7 lbs in a week is easier on knees and feet he? I always figure any diet can be 90% but people who are celiac or gluten allergic say No, not until five years go by is most of that gut inflammation out of your system. Good work, woman!!

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