The Feel of HOME!!

To say I’m over due for a post…well…ya know. Things happen. Life gets busy. And then I have to learn to use the new camera and the delay gets even longer. But here I am!! Full of new pics and a mini update of what we’ve been up to.

Hard to believe we’ve been in New Orleans for 6 whole months. Snowball feels like a distant memory and New Orleans feels like home. We’re still getting used to our surroundings but our comfort zone is expanding all the time. The culture of this area is so varied and the roots run deep. It’s going to take quite awhile to take it all in and we’re lovin the adventure!!

We have made some huge strides with the apartment recently. We wanted to fill our new space with color and have it reflect our true selves. Sure it would have been easier to go to a huge furniture store and buy everything we needed room by room. Harder on the wallet but quicker and simpler than piecing everything together a little at a time. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fun though and it couldn’t have captured our spirit. There is no comparison to a piece of art that you buy in a store versus a photograph you personally take. You captured a moment in time, a moment of your history, an image you saw and chose to make a memory of. Same goes for the difference between a piece of furniture off the showroom floor to a piece that I spent hours sanding then painting or staining and then sealing. My essence is in those pieces…my blood, sweat and sometimes tears went into restoring that piece and molding it into our own. When we put ourselves into the pieces we chose to display around our home, with that the feeling of our space is very different. We’ve never given so much of ourselves to our home before but we feel the difference very intensely.

So what projects have we completed since my last update??

I’ve been playing with different candle arrangements. I used to have candles everywhere but seldom burned them. That is a thing of the past!! Now candles are always burning while we’re home but they can’t be out naked with these curious kids running around. That just spells disaster and the huge possibility of burnt whiskers. So they all need a holder of some kind. No problemo!! I’ve made several new candle holders and have the materials for several more. Some of the ideas came from Pinterest and others are of my own. Then there’s this one that kinda happened on its own. I placed the pillar candle in the center and filled in the edges with pretty colored rocks. I expected the candle to burn down the center with the possibility of a little over spillage. I didn’t expect this –

DSCF1205 DSCF1203




I love the effect the wax created melting all around the rocks. It really is a beautiful centerpiece. How I’m going to get it all out once the candle is used up…or if I actually can…remains to be seen. But for now its lovely just as it is.

This idea came straight from Pinterest.





A few rubber bands and some spray paint created this zebra like effect.

As for Chris’ photography… I just can’t get over the amazing pictures he’s taking. I may be biased but I think they are magazine quality. Regardless they are now proudly displayed on our walls. Here’s the two poster sized prints we had done.





I’m in love with them!! I already have two others picked out to blow up and hang in the bedroom.

Here’s the boring before pic of our floor lamp. What can I say…it was cheap and the box would fit in the Miata. Y’all know me, I couldn’t leave it like that for long. Insert a little scotch tape and some Sharpie action and TA DA!!

DSCF1189 DSCF1210




Last but not least…out latest find out by the dumpster. People just blow me away with the things they throw away!! I know they paid good money for this piece, it’s in such great shape I only need to touch up a few scratches. No huge upcycling project needed to move this beauty right in. Say hello to our new buffet!!





What am I working on now?? I’m in the throws of finishing the bottom piece of the dresser. FINALLY!! Funny how it’s the first piece we ‘acquired’ and yet it’s taken nearly 6 months to get to it. I confess that the enormousness of the project scared me a bit. I wanted to get my feet wet before diving into this huge undertaking. I’m glad I did cuz she has definitely thrown me for a couple of loops along the way. Despite the high temps with huge doses of humidity and the rain one minute and sunny the next I’ve managed to get the whole thing sanded and painted. Whew!! Next step is to rub her down with stain and seal the top. My goal is to get that beast into the bedroom this weekend. Next post – the reveal of our new bedroom complete with standing mirror, dresser and new comforter set!! WOOHOO!!

Here’s a sneak peak… Shhhhh!!!

DSCF1183 DSCF1184DSCF1191 DSCF1194









What would a picture blog be without some over due pics of the kids??

DSCF1186 DSCF1187





Please say a little prayer for Dickie…our old man isn’t doing so good…

There’s no place like HOME!!

With Much Love




3 thoughts on “The Feel of HOME!!

  1. The work have done is beautiful, I would be proud also , of the work you have done… Keep up the good work..
    Prayer for y our cat, hard when part of the family is sick… Take care and keep the post coming.

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