Upcycled Projects Update – With Lots of PICS!!!

We’ve been super crazy busy lately, thus my silence, but I wanted to get at least some pictures up for you of the projects I’ve actually been able to finish up. There are so many craft/upcycle ideas running through my brain it’s hard to finish one thing before rushing off to the next.

I’ll write again soon with all the details of what we’ve been up to, where we’ve been and all that good jazz.

Onto the Picture Gallery…

First up – The infamous DRESSER!! Besides for being a huge piece of furniture to begin with there were lots of steps that we did to achieve this look as the finished piece. I’m in love with the 2-tone paint with the stain rub. I’m glad I took my time to figure out exactly how I wanted it. The multi-step process tested my patience especially towards the end but it was all worth it!! Hoping to tackle the top piece to the dresser and the end table this weekend – weather depending of course.

Beginning –





Middle –








On the dresser is a couple sit-abouts I’ve finished.

DSCF1302 DSCF1301





The coolest part about the fake flowers arrangement to me is that I upcycled it from a plastic bleach wipes tub. Could you tell??

This is our new lamp…found it in a hideous gold at the flea market but for $5 it was a steal. After a little spray paint and the hand painting – Ta Da!!

DSCF1306 DSCF1317





Next up is a picture I’ve finally completed…well all but the frame that is. Another project with a lot of steps and a long time drying between steps. Once she’s framed I think she’s going to live over the new buffet.






I ‘found’ this metal vase with an awful burnt orange brown gold mess of a paint job. I know…should have taken a pic. Oh well… Now it’s been sprayed with a silver metallic paint and then rubbed with a blue metallic paint. Not sure if I’m done with it yet… Whatcha think?? I added some twigs but I’m thinking it still needs something else…just can’t put my finger on it just yet.








I think I’ve made some great progress on the spiffying the bathroom. Pictures, Toothbrush/Q-tips holders and Make-up Brush Holder – OH MY!! I’m not completely and totally in love with the pictures – yet. They’re growing on me but…still undecided if they’re staying as is or getting revamped. The holders are a huge hit though. Only one more big project and I think we can call the bathroom done!!

DSCF1308 DSCF1307 DSCF1309










This is a vase I found at the flea market…not sure just yet what to do with it… Any suggestions??





I think that’s all for now. WHEW!! A lot of catching up to do!! Next up is all about the great time we had at the flea market with our Mini friends.

Until then –

With Much Love



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