Flea Market and Mississippi Beach Adventure

A couple of weekends ago we finally made our way to Mississippi. Our first time!! Of all the states we’ve visited and been through this was our first time in Mississippi. So you know me…I had to ‘Ding Ding Ding’ our way over the state line to make it official. Only a little explanation to our Twinks was needed…they already know I’m a big weirdo!!

We started out way early… Life for a Mini doesn’t usually start until 9am but for our big adventure we were up, ready and out the door by 7am off to meet our Mini friends across the river. A quick breakfast stop for what else but hot sugary donuts at Krispy Kremes. Gotta have that boost of energy for all the shopping ahead!! Any excuse will do when we’re talking about their glazed donuts…

Next stop was a smaller flea market in Louisiana. A little out of our way to get to the major flea market in Mississippi but a great stop nonetheless. I scored big first thing with a great lamp for the bedroom and a couple of cute small picture frames perfect for crafting. The boys were engrossed in the swords and knives while Twinks and I admired the gorgeous stones and jewelry displays. Treasures acquired we were off to the main event!!

– Insert DING DING DING moment –

We were amazed at the size of the Flea Market just across the Mississippi state line. Rows and rows of tables and booths with a dozen out buildings too. They had a little bit of everything!! All of us were on the hunt for very different things and we all came out with treasures. In the end the trunk was full of a hodge podge of items and we were all thrilled with our finds!! I snagged a few vinyl records to paint and melt into bowls and a very large and heavy vase. Chris scored an action figure he’s been on the look out for while the Twinks made off with DVDs, the spiffy little coffee cups and the cutest pink pig in a tub I’ve ever seen. Treasures for everyone!! We had a blast but between the intense sun and over 100 heat index we were hot, sweaty and a little pink… Time to hit the road in search of cold A/C and grub.

Once back in civilization the great debate of where to have lunch insued…one wanted Chinese another Hardees and then a sign from above led us straight to Five Guys!! The Twinks had never been to the bestest burger place in the whole wide world. Decision made!! Since our diets went out the window first thing at the Krispy Kreme anywho why not make a day of it?? Big fat greasy cheeseburgers for all my friends!! Oh My FROG!! Five Guys ROCKS!! I’m drooling just thinking about it…

Next stop – the beach!! Chris was in photographer heaven while Rebecca and I couldn’t wait to get our feet in the water. We played in the water…scoped out the beach… It was great!! We’re hoping to get back soon to lay out in the sun and go swimming. Here’s some of Chris’ great pics –

Seagulls frolicking on the beach

Seagulls frolicking on the beach

Just a gentle reminder we're only guests at the beach and in the ocean

Just a gentle reminder we’re only guests at the beach and in the ocean

Sailboat Chris zoomed in on out in the ocean

Sailboat Chris zoomed in on out in the ocean

A single set of footprints in the sand...

A single set of footprints in the sand…

A land locked sailboat... with no owner in sight. Intriguing...

A land locked sailboat… with no owner in sight. Intriguing…

Industrial something on the shoreline...

Industrial something on the shoreline…

Our New Orleans family!!

Our New Orleans family!!





Poof!! A great day full of adventure comes and goes. It was great to get away, see some new sights and of course spend time with our friends.

Off to conquer another Mini filled day.

Life is an adventure…every single day…enjoy the ride!!

With Much Love



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