Nature is Everywhere

Some people don’t understand how we can live here, surrounded by concrete walls and iron gates. We’ve heard over and over that it’d be too confining almost claustrophobic in ways. Lucky for us we don’t see it that way at all!! We love our ‘gated community’ and our neighbors are the best ever, they never have loud parties at night or junky yards. We are blessed with beautiful landscaping that entices lots of cool little friends to come visit or to stay awhile.

We’ve spent some time in Texas and I was so sure the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas” was true – until now. New Orleans is the Jurassic Park of the real world. Everything is 10X bigger here than anywhere else we’ve every seen. The dragonflies aren’t normal size – they’re the size of the palm of your hand!!

030We’ve been seeing a lot of locus lately but unfortunately they’re dead in the parking lot or alleyway before we get to em. But there’s no way you can miss these guys, the body alone is the length of my middle finger and that’s not including the full length of their wings. If we can stumble across a live one Chris will do his magic to get y’all some great pics.

If it ain’t bigger then they arrive in more numbers. Earlier this spring we had the mating lovebugs. Apparently they only come out to mate because we haven’t seen a one since. The lovebugs fly linked together (wink wink) by the thousands. Now we’re in cricket season and there are crickets absolutely everywhere!! I ain’t never seen so many different sizes of crickets at once…from tiny tiny the size of your pinky nail to big fat ones the size of your thumb!! They’re getting in the apartment driving the kids and Chris crazy when they get to singing and no one can find em. It’s quite the sight to watch a grown man stomping through the house just to see when the singing will stop and then checking on and under everything just to have that darn cricket start to sing again and the whole deal starts over again. Last time I think the cricket just got tired of playing the game and gave up!! TeeHee!!

How can I not mention our frogs?? They sing in the rain. It’s absolutely true and quite relaxing to listen too. We have a couple little guys that get quite close to our back door and for that they have been subjected to numerous photo shoots. Chris has got some beautiful pics!! Here’s our two little friends –

DSCF1229 DSCF1238I think it’s also the season for the baby geckos to come out and explore the world. They are the cutest little tiny lizards ever, barely the size of a paperclip. We’ve seen all different colors and markings on em but you gotta look real close cuz those babies can book it!! Fast little boogers!! The geckos, frogs and lizards are our favorites – they eat spiders and other little annoying bugs!! They are always welcome in our community!! Just not so much in the house… This is an actual lizard that lives in our front flowerbed. He likes to sun himself on the curbing and when he ‘burps’ his neck is bright red!! How cool is that?!?!?

046We also had a lot of furry little caterpillars make their march through before becoming the beautiful butterflies we have now. Did you know that the marking on the furry caterpillars tell you what kind of butterfly it’ll be after its transformation?? Me neither!!


DSCF1221This little guy showed up not too long ago. He definitely isn’t fuzzy and he is way later than the others that came through… But we think he’s a caterpillar of some kind. Regardless he is awesome up close!!

And all of these little and BIG friends in addition to the gorgeous flowers and foliage we have to enjoy year round in this tropical weather. We are truly blessed!!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – True!!

Those on the lookout for beauty will find it where ever they go – True!!



With Much Love



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