Relaxing – My Way

I guess everyone has their method for relaxing, taking a breather and letting it all go. The other day I would have given anything for a long hot bubble bath but usually my de-stresser is upcycling. Doesn’t matter to me if I’m beading jewelry or painting furniture or melting vinyl or doing a flower arrangement – so long as I’m being creative and making something where there was nothing I’m ecstatic!! This weekend is one of those times.

I had so many projects that were so close to being completed, I just couldn’t find the time to put the last finishing touches on em to call em DONE. And if the time magically appeared the weather wouldn’t cooperate for anything!! Last Sunday I got the last of the painting done on the top piece of the dresser and the night stand but the staining would have to wait cuz the big ole rain clouds moved in and literally rained on my parade. Chris, Mr Wonderful, took over one day this week so I could take advantage of the beautiful weather and get those pieces stained and DONE DONE. Here it is…my biggest undertaking thus far…in all her glory –

DSCF1363 DSCF1366

The lamp from the flea market got a fresh paint job but she still looked a little flat so I added a top coat glaze to give her a nice shine. So much better now and DONE!!

Now that the big bedroom projects are complete onto the task of finishing up all those little projects needing just a little more love to be called DONE. I melted my vinyl records from the flea market down (so super easy it ain’t even funny) and then painted em up. They’ve been sitting around waiting for the humidity to subside enough to get the clear coat glaze on em. The skies parted and the sun shined just enough and Viola – 3 new bowls!! One for Chris’ wallet and watch by the door, one for the kitchen table to hold the salt n pepper shakers and napkins and one for…well…not sure yet. 😉

DSCF1360 DSCF1361 DSCF1353








I did up a coffee holder for the kitchen quite awhile ago. With our counter tops being so busy it just didn’t look right to me. I knew I had to redo that first one with a solid color. I decided that our new kitchen is going to be cafe red…a kinda brick red….something that would stand out on the walls and on the counter tops. After no luck finding scrapbook paper that was just right I opted for painting my pieces instead. I have the coffee holder, a glass vase for my utensil holder and a glass pitcher to hold our crystal light and tea bags – they all needed to be painted and glazed with a sealant clear coat. I couldn’t just paint them…I had to try out a few different painting techniques along the way. They’re all the same color…but…just a little different. One is DONE…the others are on the way….


I spent a little time playing around with my acrylic paints and painted these two pictures. Not sure where they’re going to live or honestly if they’ll even make the cut to be hung up but they were fun to do all the same.

DSCF1371 DSCF1370

It’s so funny to me…as I complete one round of projects I have the ideas for a dozen more running through my head. I count my blessings that this creative streak hit and I have a productive and fun way of expressing myself, even if it did strike this late in life. I have plans to paint the dresser/entertainment center, much to Chris’ dismay and dislike since that thing weighs an absolute ton and we’ll more than likely have to move it outside again for me to work on it…details details… I also just received a beautiful gift from a tenant. This very modern and gorgeous table with a triangular glass top. The only problem is that with its current color scheme it would completely blend into the tile and walls…I smell more paint in my future… I was thinking a moss-green with different shade of brown as highlights… Any ideas??

DSCF1348 DSCF1342




I also have a small plant stand that needs sanding and a good coat of paint and another gorgeous wood table that needs a little TLC from Chris before I sand, stain and seal the top. Then there’s the huge ottoman that we want to redo with new fabric for the kids to have an official throne in the bedroom… I know I know… So many projects so little time. A piece at a time…

With that, my friends, I’m off to conquer another round of popsicle stick art. No Joke!!

With Much Love



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