Goodbye Dickie

100_1188Our Dickie has passed on. Our sweet son has left this world after 17 beautiful years. As sad as Chris and I are we want to celebrate our baby with you. As we have been consoling each other over the last few days we keep referring back to all our great memories and stories that really show how onrey yet sweet our Dickie was. I can’t think of as better way to honor him.

Snuggle BugsDickie entered our life not too long after we were married. A neighbor to our friends had just adopted him only to learn their son was allergic. The little boy called him Snowball even though he’s always looked more like slush to us. Not too long after bringing him home he named himself by stealing sponges out of the sink and running around the countertops with them in his mouth while breaking everything in his path – Chris just looked at him and said, “Aren’t you a little Dick!”. Dickie was born. Although for years there were stories floating around about him looking like he was wearing a dickie…sorry Mom. Through his kitty days he was always into something…stealing Q-tips out of the trash to chasing geicos around the house. I remember a picture I took of him curled up in our friends baby carrier.  We laughed, my baby boy and her baby girl sharing a car seat.

Dickie watching Daddy pump gasDickie was well-traveled, more than some humans so for a cat…he had seen it all!! From a plane ride over the ocean to a drive over the Rockies in a snow storm to Chris’ trusty co-pilot on our RV adventure. The people at the gas stations couldn’t get enough of him every where we went.

Dickie DooBut I think he enjoyed the RV best of all…sometimes… He was always close to us and there was simply no way to ignore his yodeling. We’d walk to the showers only to come out to hear our boy crying from inside the rig…why…just cuz he missed us. There was never a place we lived that he didn’t find the perfect acoustic spot that would echo the best for his ‘singing’ or more commonly known as hollering.

100_0158.jpgThere are too many stories to recant. Chris’ Ma will never forget Dickie puking in her vents while cat sitting for us that’s for sure. We’ll never forget the look on his face when he first stepped outside the house on the hot concrete in Guam. The “OH SHIT” look was priceless. The countless Tom Cruise impressions he did sliding on the rug down the hardwood floors in Nebraska. Which led to the tiny baby socks Chris put on him…which led to the scotch tape on the paws incident. We still have the picture proof of the elephant hat Grandma insisted he wear much to his disapproval.

The 3 AmigosDickie, or as Chris’ Ma called him for many years when Chris’ sisters were little King Richard, was always the submissive “Momma” to the baby girls we introduced into the family after him. He always loved on em, gave em kisses and babied em from the very beginning. He was never interested in being dominant just to take care of em.

IMAG0505(1)Dickie was onrey, he was loud but he was our baby. That’s exactly how we’ll remember him…the sweet Momma’s boy that he was. Always ready for loves and kisses. Snuggling with me on my pillow or between us under the covers.

Gate Guard Dickie sleeping on the jobWhen our Tootsie got sick many years ago I swear it was like he was trying to kiss her all better. But he couldn’t fix Tootsie just like we couldn’t fix him. Dickie hasn’t been doing well for the past 3 months or so. He was always a big boy but he’s been losing weight, becoming lethargic and really cranky. Our vet confirmed it was old age and the time was coming… We knew in our hearts it was coming but neither of us could let our baby go. He decided for us and is now at peace.

IMAG0332Our Dickie Doo is in a better place where he doesn’t hurt anymore, where the wet food with tons of gravy overflows, where the sink water is always on and where every spot has a great echo to yodel to his hearts content. Even though our hearts are broken and our little family will never quite be the same again we are grateful that King Richard chose us to spend his life with. We are sad but not dwelling on his passing. Instead we are celebrating his life.

Goodbye my sweet boy. Your Momma and Daddy love you very much and will miss you always.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Dickie

  1. My heart and love go out to you and Chris. Celebrate his life to the fullest because he will always be a part of yours. He will always be in your hearts . Love Aunt Judy

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