Be The Duck

We have been preparing for my sister to visit for months. Her and the hubby planned a cruise for their anniversary that just happened to port right here in New Orleans. Lucky ME!! I haven’t seen my little sister in over a year and a half. Way way too long!! Even though we were only scheduled a little time before their cruise and a little time after I was ecstatic and grateful for the time we were going to have. Notice all the past tenses?? That’s because stupid Topical Storm Karen has succeeded in ruining the 2nd half of our visit. 😦  Becky is stuck at sea when she should be here with me!! Yes, I’m pouting… So much for our day together. So much for our swamp tour. So much for showing her around our property and apartment. 😦  As soon as they actually get to land they’ll have to run off home, back to their lives, vacation over without hardly any sister time. Did I mention I’m pouting??

With a Tropical Storm out there we’ve had plenty to do… Being as this is our first glimpse at a Tropical anything I’m a little on edge. Mostly because I don’t know what to expect…what does it look like, sound like. Chris says after being in a micro burst in Kansas in the RV we can handle whatever mother nature throws at us. I just don’t want to taunt her in any way. NO THANK YOU!! It depends on which channel you listen to whether it’s coming straight for us or it’s going to miss us all together. Business as usual continues tomorrow at the Mini so I guess that’s a good sign. Time will tell.

As most of you already know Chris and I are horrific procrastinators. I’m not sure which of us is worse and it is such a bad combination for the both of us to procrastinate to this degree. But when I have a hard deadline I always meet it, well almost always that is. The funny thing is that it really doesn’t have any limits, from the simplest task to the most complex we’re always right under the buzzer. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that presents for my sister were finally completed today, late this afternoon to be exact. I’ve know what I was making, what I needed to make it, how I was going to do it – the whole nine yards. The final touches and sealant was applied today. But I made it before my deadline which was originally tomorrow morning. So I guess I was ahead of the game a little bit this time… TeeHee. While I’m boxing up the goodies for her I’ll take some pics for y’all.

Having visitors always gets my butt in gear to get lingering projects completed, organization done and of course cleaning in all the hidden forgotten corners. I’ve completed several new projects since I last did an upcycling post. We’ve also acquired some new pieces recently, bigger pieces, that will get a lot of my attention after this whole Tropical Storm business is over. Maybe while we’re holed up this weekend with the bad weather we’ll actually get the liners done for the dresser so we can put our clothes in the fancy dresser…concept right??

I’m really enjoying the painting I’ve been doing. Some of the ideas I have though aren’t meant for the foam board, they require an actual canvas. So I’m tinkering with the idea of getting a beginners paint set with some canvas and having a go at it. Seems a little out of my league but I guess I’ll never know if I don’t try right??

Now I’m just babbling… Trying to think of things to do as the storm rages outside to keep my calm inside. I think so long as the power stays on I’ll be able to find enough to do to stay busy. Fretting over Becky being out there and what the storm means for us here has already resulted in a huge batch of cookies and a lasagna from scratch. If it continues tomorrow we may just have a pot of chili, corn bread and some ribs with my new coffee seasoning. Oh and more apple crisp…can’t forget the crisp!! Throw in some cleaning and crafting…sounds like a storm party! Right?!?!

Like Chris, Mr Zen, is always reminding me – Be The Duck. Keep your calm, never let them know how hard and fast your peddling under the water to stay afloat.

With Much Love



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