A Little Upcycling Here and There

I’ve been neglecting the blog recently. More so than usual since our return to the ‘real’ world or ‘normal’ life. Sorry!! Life has a way of getting away from me…it gets so crazy busy that I look up and realize a week or two has gone by since my last post. Shame on me! And then I don’t know where to start cuz it’s been so long… Vicious circle.

I actually had to go back to see the last upcycling pics I posted to know where to pick up again. So sad. Unfortunately I was so upset when I packed my sisters box I totally forgot to take pics of the projects I did up for her. Sorry again. It’s really a shame too cuz I think for my first go at a hand painting/stenciling on the wine rack, candle holders and ceramic bowl they came out pretty good. Not perfect by any means but pretty darn good.

Never fear though, I have plenty of other projects completed to show you. I’m trying to keep the momentum from my sisters ‘visit’ going so that I get lots more done before my Mom and Daddy are here for a real visit. We get 3 1/2 days together over my Birthday weekend. WOOHOO!! So with any luck (read lack of procrastination) you’ll get even more project updates. I’ve also acquired a couple new pieces, raw materials and supplies to keep the fun going and going!! 😉

Let the pictures begin!!

DSCF1413 DSCF1412This started out as a clear glass pitcher with some 70s style etching in the glass of like wheat or something. Regardless it just screamed paint me!! I wanted something on the counter to put all my little crystal light packets in. Hoping if they were out I’d opt for those over soda. I must admit my trickery on myself is working quite nicely. My new favorite, southern inspired, is half tea with a lemonade quart packet mixed in. Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!!

DSCF1407 DSCF1406




This idea stemmed from something I saw on Pinterest. I used the frames I found at the flea market for 50 cents each and a package of popsicle sticks I found at the dollar store. Add some paint and Viola!!

DSCF1411 DSCF1410This was a clear flower vase that my Twinks gave me cuz she knew I’d find something to do with it. Does she know me or what?? I’ve been wanting to try this technique I saw on Pinterest (of course) but didn’t have the right shaped glass to try it out on, Twinks to the rescue!! So easy but now I have to figure out how to seal the inside so nothing will scratch it up and ruin it…

Since we lost Dickie I’ve been able to add plants back into our life. Oh how he loved to eat plants, especially spider plants, he could eat a whole plant by himself right down to the dirt before I even realized he’d found it. Sigh. Oh how we miss our boy, even as onrey as he was. There’s no denying there’s a huge hole in our little family without him. A hole that can never be filled…but we do see a new baby in our future much sooner than either of us thought. But that’s a topic for another day.

DSCF1405 New TVThis is a shelf that I’ve painted after added new legs to the bottom. We originally thought it would hold the DVR and Playstation with the addition of the new TV but it isn’t quite big enough to hold the electronics. She sure is perfect for showcasing my new plants though!! And you can’t beat a big screen TV for $20 bucks for gas for delivery!!


We keep an ordinary organizer by the front door to hold random Mini things we need off and on. OK…more on than off. But it was just so ugly and it stuck out like a sore thumb. Well, you know me…can’t leave it like that for very long. But what to do?? A quick search on Pinterest for a realistic solution. I was able to use up a left over spray paint and some scrapbook paper I had anywho to transform the blah into FABULOUS!!

DSCF1415We found this sad little plant stand. She’d seen better days and needed a little love. I gently sanded her here and there and added some sunshine. I’m still thinking that vase is missing something but it hasn’t come to me. YET!!

Quite the little update… Looks like I’ve been busy. 😉 I’m finishing up the last of the decor for the bathroom. I have several new vinyl record bowls I’m working on too. Chris got me a big present last weekend…an easel and several real artist style canvases. I’m still nervous about using them. Seems so silly but canvas is a lot more expensive than foam board. I don’t wanna screw em up… Maybe this week I’ll find my courage to start working on em. It’s going to be a four piece canvas for our bedroom wall. I can already see it in my head…it’s just getting it on canvas.

With Much Love



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