Make a Choice – Never Settle

Since my last post things have been an absolute worldwind of crazy amazing fantastic changes for us. Chris was able to go to San Fran to be with his Dad and attend the beautiful Celebration of Life for Yolanda. My Mom and Dad came to visit over my Birthday weekend and we had the bestest visit ever while touring NOLA. We also accepted a transfer to a different Mini across the river on the Eastbank of New Orleans!!

Almost as soon as the fun was over with my parents we were in the full swing of moving again. This was a lot different move though since we’ll be in a hotel until the beginning of the year while the apartment at the new Mini is being remodeled. It’s a lot harder to split your things than to just pack it all and go. What to take…what to put in storage… Especially in this crazy ‘winter’ weather down here that we aren’t used to at all yet. Yesterday we went topless in the beautiful mid 70s but in a couple of days the high is only supposed to be in the mid 50s. That’s a lot of clothes…well…a girl’s gotta have options!! And then there’s the food aspect. Our cute little hotel room has a kitchenette – Fabulous!! We won’t be cooking any family get together meals but simple one pot one skillet dishes can easily be whipped up. So I need things from my pantry…spices…canned goods…boxed stuff. Besides, even if I didn’t need it to cook with I don’t want to put it in storage. So it all comes with or gets divided up and given away, it’d be such a waste to throw it all away!!

After everything was separated out we had movers come in and take our things to the new Mini to be stored. It’s amazing all the ‘stuff’ we’ve acquired in the 10 months we’ve been here!! It was a small moving truck but that baby was full to the brim!! It was so sad to see all our things, my projects, my paintings, our home being hauled out and then loaded in storage. Even without me realizing it all the sweat and tears I have been putting into my projects, it transformed every piece into ours and magically the apartment became our home. The Mini and our home are one so to leave we’re leaving our home, our safe haven, our sanctuary besides our Mini and our tenants…but they are so much more than just tenants, they’re our friends and family. We let them into our gated community and interact with many of them on a daily basis, we know their lives and them ours. We miss them when we don’t see them… And now we are leaving them. Very sad.

But on the flip side when we we’re at the new Mini we are filled with excitement!! It’s a bigger property with so much potential just looking for a little love and attention. We are really looking forward to everything she holds for us. A new adventure…new challenges…new people…our new home to love and call ours.

Coming out of the RV and into managing a Mini we weren’t sure how long we’d stay. Besides being something totally new and not sure how we’d like it I wasn’t sure I was ready to hang up the keys and be stationary in one place. I thought it would be suffocating, that I’d go stir crazy, get bored and feel trapped. But when I was packing up our life and then seeing our apartment nearly empty I was devastated. Unfortunately its like people, I just didn’t realize what I had until it was gone. I get it now though and thank God I didn’t have to learn this lesson the hard way. If there’s anywhere that can hold my attention it’s New Orleans!! The people are such characters and there is so much to see and do. Besides my bestie is here. I can’t leave her now that I’ve finally found her!! We have the best job in the whole world and it gets even better since we work for the bestest company in the business!! We have made New Orleans and the Mini our home. I have no reason to look elsewhere for anything. All I ever wanted is right here!!

Onto a new adventure in a new sticks n bricks!! The Mini life is the way of life we have chosen, not settled for.

With Much Love!!




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