New Look, New Focus

Cathedral in Jackson Square French Quarter New Orleans

Cathedral in Jackson Square French Quarter New Orleans

It’s been pretty obvious that I’ve struggled with the blog since we came out of the Full-Time RV lifestyle. It was easy to write about everything we were seeing and doing out on the road. With a different job every few months, constant influx of new people in our lives, the new states, new wildlife…the whole adventure of it all spawned idea after idea and picture after picture allowing the blog to practically write itself!! I’ve missed the therapeutic aspect of the blog but I’ve missed you more!! With my AH HA moment this week while moving out of the Mini and into the hotel I made the decision to ‘take up’ the blog again. I still consider us on an adventure!! If you’ve never worked at a Mini and/or lived in New Orleans you might not ‘get it’ but everything in New Orleans is an adventure and everyday at a Mini is an adventure so when you put the two worlds together…well…it’s a helluva ride!!

With the revamping of the blog it also seemed appropriate to change the design and layout a bit. The old one was OK but a tad boring. Not promising that this is the way it’s going to stay but it’s a start!! So, what’s the blog about now?? I have no idea!! πŸ˜€ Our life…our kids…my projects…Chris’ photo’s…and maybe some Mini here and there. We’ll see where the wind blows me. I finally get that everyday is adventure whether here at the Mini or the RV. It is what I make of it and I chose to have fun and make a shit-ton of memories with those I love and hold dear. I figure those that were following just for the RV ride have already fallen off the wagon so I chose not to feel guilty about disappointing them. We loved the RV lifestyle, enjoyed every minute. But now we are pleased as punch to be Managing a Mini and plan on doing this for as long as it makes us happy. Join the fun!! Tell your friends!! The adventure starts now!!





With Much Love



4 thoughts on “New Look, New Focus

  1. I also have to say you will do great with the new blog, your writing is so interspersing. I look forward to seeing your creative works of art you do. Life is what we make of it whether we are workings traveling or just being at home.. You and Chris will do great in New Orleans , home is where the heart is …. Look forward to the new blogs

  2. Oh I’m still following…I love how you sprinkle your words on a post. A new surrounding…so happy for you two. Being on the road now just don’t get as many replies out there…but I’ll confined to follow…you light up my life!

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