New Mini – Here We Come!!

DSCF1133Yesterday was my last loving day at our old Mini. Hard to say good-bye but we’re so stinkin excited about our new home. It helped the transition tremendously to meet the new Managers. They’re going to take good care of the Mini and her tenants, I just know it!! Now I don’t have to worry about the old Mini, she’s in good hands, and I can bathe in the excitement of our new Mini!! Next week we start making her our own and getting her up to our standards. A lot of hard work ahead but we’re looking forward to it!! Gotta get this butt movin again!!

We saw the final plans for the apartment remodel and I just can’t believe it. The design and upgrades are something this girl had only dreamed of before. They’ve thought of everything. They are giving us a home not just an apartment. Somewhere we can be more than comfortable and be proud to call ours. Demo has already begun and it’s down to the bare bones. I’m sure it’ll start looking like something resembling a home again soon.

In the meantime we’re in a lovely hotel with a little kitchenette. It’s very reminiscent of the RV days but with more room and all the modern conveniences, so not at all like our RV days at all!! TeeHee!! Cooking on a couple of burners without an oven, waiting for the water to boil, having such a small working area – that’s where the deja vu comes in. I guess the blessing is that I’ve done this before so I can easily adapt and besides we’ll be in the new fabulous apartment before we even know it!!

Short and sweet today… I’m off to do some coloring with my new Sharpies in my new Mandalas coloring book – Thank You Aunt Judy!!!

With Much Love



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