Christmas Spirit

DSCF1661This beauty was waiting for us this morning out in front of our Mini. In some ways 77 degrees in the beginning of December seems so wrong but then again its Oh So RIGHT!! I thought the warm temps would dampen my holiday spirit but I’m more in the spirit this year than I have been in forever. Part of it is New Orleans. I can’t remember ever being in such a festive environment. And no one shies away from saying Merry Christmas!! I love that!!

Even with everything being so hectic and just down right crazy with all the happenings at the Mini I’m still in the Christmas spirit. I’m on the hunt for some cute little holiday headbands. You know the kind with jingle bells or maybe reindeer ears to wear around the Mini when I’m not out sweating my tail off cleaning stuff. And when I am…I now have Christmas music to sing to anyone that can stand listening!!

We’re going to get a cute little Christmas tree to put in the office. It might be tiny and it’ll be the only one we have but it’ll be beautiful and perfect in every way!!

Ok…this is how ‘into’ it I am this year… I’m having fun shopping in the busy stores. Crazy!! And for the first time in probably 10 years I’m going to send out Christmas cards. It’s hard not to be in the spirit of Christmas when I look around and all I see are the blessings we’ve been given in our life.

Short and sweet tonight. Off to watch a Country Christmas that Chris saved for me!!

With Much Love!!



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