A Day Off

Today I’m so grateful for a day off. Just a single day to stay in my PJ’s and do practically nothing. I don’t have to be ‘on’. I can just be… No face paint or fake eyelashes. No curled hairs. No cute shoes. No answering questions. No errands. No commute. No cleaning. Nothing. Ahhhh…. Just rest and recouping and relaxing and regrouping and getting centered.

I used to call these lazy Sundays. Down here we call it ‘resting’. When we first got here though I thought they sure do ‘rest’ a lot!! And in my mind that always translated into being lazy. How so very wrong of me!! People in Europe especially relish in the fact that doing nothing is actually doing something. Something for yourself for a change. Go figure!! Aren’t you more efficient and productive after resting for a day or two?? I find I have more to give to everybody else after I’ve taken a little time for myself. If my cup is empty how can I give you anything??

It’s easy to just go go go and get burnt out. Before the move I’d go out and paint something, sand something, create something… Now that we’re in the hotel I have to find something else to do to purge and decompress. So I’ve been coloring. I know it sounds silly but me and my Sharpies with my book of Mandala pictures have a great time while listening to music or watching something on the laptop.

Congrats to me for doing nothing which was something and allocating some time to me. I already feel better and was able to get a lot accomplished while doing nothing… I spent time with Mr, caught up on email, chatted with my Mom and sister, used my elf skills to get some online shopping done, helped a friend with Craigslist, wrote to you, did some research online, drank too much coffee, took a long shower, had a great nap with the kids, and got a couple of loads of laundry done!! I call that a huge success!!

Off to do some coloring…

With Much Love



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