It’s Almost Christmas!!!

Christmas ImageWe’re enjoying a couple of days off, nice quiet and alone, before Christmas is here and we’re surrounded by all our Mini Family for 2 days of jam-packed fun and festivities. We’ve been busy like everyone else, tis the season!! I’m ecstatic to say these procrastinators where ahead of schedule this year!!


Christmas cards mailed – Check!!

Presents bought – Check!!

Presents wrapped – Check!!

Presents mailed – Check!!

Presents delivered – Check!!

I even found a little extra time to go shopping for a new Christmas dress, something I haven’t done in years. It was super fun to see all the shoppers out with their kids, all being extra good since Santa’s on his way, searching for that perfect something for the extra special someone on their list. The crowds didn’t bother me and it actually made me happy, crazy right?!?! So I found the perfect dress (50% off didn’t hurt) and splurged on a matching belt to complete my assemble. And since that was so much fun I continued shopping…TeeHee…too many great deals to pass up on!! Restocked my hand soap collection and wall flowers for the new apartment at Bath n Body – their sales are unbelievable!!

As we relax today I’ve been listening to Christmas music and we watched a couple Christmas movies. Can’t overload Chris with too many in one day… 😀 Been watching all the wonderful family pictures going up on Facebook and listening to the endless list of different cookies being made. All the joy that is Christmas as we see family and friends…go to dinners and parties.

It has been at least 10 years since we’ve been this on top of things… I think it’s because I feel the Christmas spirit so strongly this year. I’ve been wondering why… Why this year?? I believe it’s because this was our year of Gratitude. We have been practicing Gratitude all year-long. Being grateful for all the gifts and blessings in our life – big and small – has given us such a new and refreshing perspective. I tease and call Chris the Zen Master and I’m his Little Miss Blessing. Don’t get me wrong…it’s easy to fall into the old ways of Oh Poor Me. The transition between Mini’s has been testing me more and more. But we always recenter on counting our blessings and being grateful.

If I could give each of you just one present this holiday season it’d be that you find a way to incorporate Gratitude into your daily life. It’s super simple, doesn’t cost a dime and doesn’t take a lot of time. Some people write 5 things a day they are Grateful for in a journal…others say a silent Thank You before getting out of bed in the morning or while pouring that first cup of coffee or while standing under the hot shower…some meditate… I talk about and write about my blessings. I also fall asleep every night counting my blessings from the day. Once you start thinking of things as blessing it becomes your new norm. You’ll begin to see the blessings instead of having to figure out the blessing in the situation. It contagious!! Pass it along!!

From all of us – Chris and I, Goober and Pinks – we wish you the BESTEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!

Christmas image 2


With Much Love




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