Moving in the Right Direction

DSCF1728Now that Christmas has come and gone we are gearing up for another temporary move. Our hotel was booked only until the original completion date for the apartment…January 1st. Now we are looking at closer to February 1st so… We’re moving into the corporate suite at our Twinks Mini until our brand spankin new home is completed. It’ll still allow us plenty of privacy while not being so isolated either. I think the girls are going to feel much better too, they’ll have new friends to play with and lots more room to run around. It’ll also give us a much better opportunity to eat better and get more exercise. Once again we’ll have a Mini to walk and a full kitchen at our disposal. It’ll be a good move for all of us…but another move nonetheless.

Just as Chris predicted…I brought way too much stuff to the hotel. Way more clothes than I could ever hope to wear, more little craft projects than I could hope to play with and more bathroom stuff than there could possibly be room for. First step is to bring all of the extra to storage and then bring the remainder to the Twinks. Sounds easy enough, right?? But with only the Miata it is proving to be a little daunting… More to come on that later.

vegesSince I have to go through everything again and repack I’ll be putting aside all the ‘junk’ food for the food bank and only keeping the healthier options. I’ve just finished Michael Pollan’s books “In Defense of Food” and “Food Rules”. I found them very insightful on the history of where our food used to come from vs where it comes from and how it’s processed today. Before reading the books I wouldn’t have thought it mattered much…why do I need to know the history of it all?? But it is very eye-opening and it really has made me start thinking of food for what it is and what it can do to help my body not just make my tummy feel full. The old saying “Garbage IN Garbage OUT” is really true especially when it comes to the foods we are eating!! We’ll be starting the conversion from highly processed with little to no nutritional value “food” to whole real grown in the earth and meat raised on what God intended them to eat – FOOD!! I’ve been fighting the whole ‘organic’ fad, or what I thought was a fad. We’ll now be spending our grocery dollars on organic whenever available especially on the ‘dirty dozen’ fruits and veges, eggs, milk and grass-fed beef. There’s a lot of great info with all the backing even the harshest critic can appreciate. If you’re at all interested it’s something you should definitely check out for yourself and be the judge…

stop smokingI feel like I should address the smoking issue while I’m on this little health kick… Chris and I have agreed it’s time to quit smoking. I’ve always assumed we’d know when it was time for us and it’s finally time. I must admit that eating healthy doesn’t ring as true when we’re still smoking… We are working on our game plan…but soon we’ll be eating healthy and be smoke free!!

With Much Love





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