I Am Enough

This is unusual for me but… I can’t sleep. Chris always teases that I can fall asleep anywhere under any circumstances and usually its true. I’ve slept in an airport…while he was driving topless up a mountain cliff…even while having my teeth cleaned at the dentist… But tonight it eludes me. No doubt because of the numerous naps I took during the day to try to ‘rest’ through this awful cold. That’s right, the plague that’s been making it’s rounds at the Mini’s has finally settled in with yours truly. The head congestion is the worst part…it’s even getting into my ears which so not a good thing.

So the girls and I are bumbling around in the dark, trying not to disturb Chris since someone has to man the Mini tomorrow. Tonight I’m grateful for my gift of sight…I would so not do good as a blind person!! With the recent move into the corporate apartment I’m not familiar with the footprint yet, especially since we haven’t found permanent homes for a lot of things thus they are accompanying a lot of floor space for the moment… Anywho, I’d imagine with my level of grace I’d be a bumbling idiot, a complete menace to society, if I couldn’t see where I was going.

Is this normally what people do when they can’t sleep?? Think of the most off the wall scenarios?? Or is it the NyQuil talking since it didn’t put me to sleep… I’m sure it’s some bizarre combination of everything that is and has been going on emerging in one weird night of what ifs and maybe… Why is it that I can think clearly now when all day long I felt like I was treading mud?? Concentrate?? Forget it!! NyQuil…perhaps… Or is it just that’s what we do when it’s quiet in the middle of the night?? Think…and think… I have several TO DO lists running through my head with a grocery list and a project list… Then there’s the “New Years Resolution List”…bum…bum…BUM!!!

I think our self doubts hide in the darkest corner of the middle of the night. They start eating at that corner, creeping in…taking over…dominating… But in the same instant I’m wondering if we’ve taken on more that we can chew a quote from out of nowhere pops into my head. It’s from a fabulous movie, “The Help”, “You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important.” Now why is that?? My subconscious overriding my subconscious?? What’s even stranger is that I thought the quote was “You is Enough” instead of “You is Important”.

Regardless… I am enough. And now I’ll sleep.

With Much Love




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