Freezing Temps – Good-bye and Good Riddance

DSCF1074We are finally done with the nasty cold spell that seemed to hit the whole center of the country. You’d think having spent the majority of my life in snow bound cold as all get out states that this girl wouldn’t get her panties in a bunch over a couple of days around freezing temperatures…you’d think!! I guess nearly a year in the tropics has had a bigger impact on us than we realized. I have been freezin my Ta Tas off and oh so not happy about it. We laughed last year when we got here as everyone’s bundled up in fur coats and snow boots (so not joking) for 45 degree weather. This year we’re singing a whole different tune!! If I had a fur coat and snow boots I would have been living in those bad boys the last week or so. I know my 2 nights of 22 degrees doesn’t really compared to my parents -52 with windchill and 10 inches of snow…if I’ve had problems with our temps, I’d have been a frozen Kristy pop in theirs, so it’s an understatement to say I’m thrilled to be back in our comfortable 60’s with lots of sunshine!!

DSCF1661Luckily we didn’t have any frozen pipe issues at our Mini or here at the Twinks Mini where we’re bunking until the apartment is complete. We were luckier than a lot of people around here. With the majority of houses and small businesses being elevated to accommodate the rising waters that are likely during rainy season and in the case of a hurricane, their plumbing is exposed under the building making it all too easy to freeze up during rare times like this. We were lucky with the pipes but not so lucky with the landscaping. I know we lost quite a few of our purple flowers (you really don’t think I know the names of em, right?) but I’m hoping the red ones aren’t a loss too. I have a sinking suspicion that we’re going to have some major re-landscaping in our Springtime future.

So while it’s cold outside what do Twinks do?? We go shopping and primping of course!! 😀 So far we’ve had our hairs colored and cut and got our fingernails done. We so need a pedi but it’s still too cold to take our socks off…and you don’t wanna fudge em up by putting socks on after… 😉 The men folk have been busy reorganizing the Twinks spare bedroom. When you get 2 men together with OCD the result, in the end, is a perfectly organized and functional space but the process can be maddening!!! But the ends justify the means I suppose and everything looks amazing!! They are going to get so much more use of the space they have now. Mission Accomplished!! To celebrate the completion of Operation Redo we found the boys a couple wonderful pieces of comic book art to display in each of their offices, Captain America for Alex and Spidy for Chris. Perfecto!! Pics to come….

Now that the temps are in the more reasonable range I’m hoping to get started on a couple of projects for my Twinks. She wants to give her bedroom a facelift and I’m OH SO HAPPY to help!! We have quite the list of projects but we’re going to start with refinishing and painting of her furniture, we have 2 night stands and 3 dressers to tackle. We’re also going to make some wall art and build a fabric covered headboard to mount to the wall. Just the thought of getting to sand and paint something makes my heart sing…but knowing it’s for my Twinks – you just don’t get better than that!!

With Much Love



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