Laugh And Be Happy!!

Store Time !!

smiley facesWe worked all day, a very productive day too I might add, and we were tired but we still needed to run to the grocery for just a few things. Easy breezy to the store, through the store and back to the Mini to unload. Sounds very familiar to all of us, there’s always one errand or another that needs to get done right? So one of the items on our list was soda but we never buy just one case of soda…it’s always whichever brand has the best sale…last night was no different and we scored with a 4 for $9 sale. I grab the few bags we had and Mr Muscles goes for the soda. Except his case of bubble water isn’t exactly sturdy and the whole box rips in half causing the cans to spill all over the trunk. Not a big hairy deal until a couple of the cans explode and spray water everywhere…including a laptop Chris has been given to check out. Chris is frantically trying to remove the exploded cans to get the laptop out. I shoo him back in to take care of the laptop while I finish cleaning up the mess that is now running all over the trunk, not an easy task in the dark. He returns to the car, pissy. Can’t blame him…what a huge mess!! I kept thinking we were lucky it was his bubble water instead of one of the diet soda cases…then everything would have been wet and sticky!! He’s grumbling and growling as we continue to pick up the spilled cans and put em in a bag to finally get em upstairs to the Twinks. Chris picks up one can that is completely split down the side, truly exploded, the next he picks up has just a tiny puncture hole in it and is still spitting a bit. My husband, the love of my life and pain in my butt, proceeds to shake the can and hose me down as I’m running down the aisle away from him. Once the can was empty, I’m soaking wet and we find ourselves laughing until our bellies hurt.

happinessAfter we get everything inside…still laughing mind you…we throw all the wet clothes in the laundry put our jammies on and go about getting on with our evening. Chris pulls me aside, smiling, kisses me and reminds me of the power of laughing. He said our whole night could have been ruined by a couple exploding cans of water or by me getting pissy cuz he hosed me down but instead we made the most of it, had some fun and laughed it off.

We laugh a lot… If you look for the humor in situations it’s easy to laugh. We laugh at ourselves and each other all the time!! I don’t believe life was meant to be as serious as a lot of people take it. I believe we are supposed to have fun, laugh, dance and be happy above all.

happy rdIf you aren’t happy with your partner – do something about it.

If you aren’t happy in your job – do something about it.

If you aren’t happy with the town you live in – do something about it.

If you aren’t happy with your finances – do something about it.


If you aren’t happy with the way you look – do something about it.

If you aren’t happy with the house you live in – do something about it.

If you aren’t happy with (fill in the blank) – do something about it!!

We have been searching for a career and area that we would be happy living in. After several years and 4 states later we are beyond happy, thrilled even with our new career and we are in love with New Orleans!! It’s possible…though it may not be easy…it is possible and worth the work. Life is too long to be unhappy.

happy turtleMay today you find laughter and happiness in all you do!!

With Much Love



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