Happy Birthday ALEX!!!!

Today is Alex’s (Twinks-in-law) Birthday and we all have to work cuz of course it’s auction day so we started his birthday weekend Saturday night!! Y’all know how big Birthdays are to me…it’s your own personal holiday after all…nothing better to celebrate than the blessing of you coming into this world!!

DSCF1733 So the party started with a first for us – Vietnamese food. We had traditional Spring Rolls and Pho soup. Neither of us really knew what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised!! We discovered we both prefer hot egg rolls over the cold spring rolls and we love Pho soup!! Now, I’ve never been real big on soup…once in a great while maybe but just not my favorite. But this…Pho…that’s something I’m going to have to start making at home!! It’s beef broth based with cilantro and brisket (other beefs can be added or substituted) with a thin rice noodle as the base. It’s then served with Italian basil, fresh jalapeno slices, lime and bean sprouts to add according to your own personal tastes. I added a good squeeze of lime, 1 jalapeno slice and a bunch of bean sprouts for crunch. It didn’t take long for the jalapeno to heat things up so that bad boy had to be fished out!! It was absolutely fabulous!! Now if I had read that combo in a cookbook I’d have thought they had done gone lost their minds…that combo just wouldn’t have sounded good to me at all but the flavors complimented each other perfectly. Definitely worth a try!! And all natural, unprocessed, whole food…just sayin…

DSCF1738First thing Sunday morning the party continued with all of us piling in the car for a family drive along the scenic route heading to Baton Rouge. We passed several old plantations, cute little towns, big refineries, beautiful Spanish Moss trees and mansions you have to see to believe!! By the time we made it to the city the gloomy clouds burnt off so we could shop in the sunshine. After just a few stores we headed to Weinerschnitzel for lunch, another first for me.  Apparently Weinerschnitzel is a super fancy German way of saying hot dog…whoda thunk?? Hot dogs for all my friends!! It just so happens that lunchie was just a few blocks away from the Louisiana State University campus. Gotta go take a quick peak at that!! It turns out, news to me at least, that LSU has a real live tiger as their mascot. So of course we have to go visit Mike…the mascot…a beautiful but BIG tiger. Isn’t he something?? Truly gorgeous!!

DSCF1742We played around on the campus for a short while…didn’t take long for Chris to jump up on the tiger statue and strike a pose…





Couldn’t leave our Twinks out of the photo opt!! Fun pic!!





Next stop… Starbucks of course!! After Chris’ Kofy 30 feeding we all had renewed energy to hit the outlet mall on the way home. Just a little more shopping before picking up pizza for supper and calling it another successful day of the birthday weekend. Our birthday celebration theme was Food from around the world…Vietnamese, German and Italian all in one day!! Mission Accomplished!! I smell Chinese or Mexican in our future for tonight… 😉

Well I’m off to get ready for our first auction at the new Mini… Hope the rain holds off just a little bit!! *fingers crossed*

With Much Love



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