One Year in Paradise

I can’t even tell you how happy I am that the cold arctic weather is done… To put it in perspective we got down in the 20s with freezing rain the beginning of this week but today I woke up to a warm 63!! Sure it’s going to rain today but I’ll take our warm rain over inches upon inches of snow any day!! The locals have been telling us that this is the coldest winter they can remember having in 30 years!! I know it wasn’t anything like this when we got here last year…

That’s right!! On January 29th we hit our one year Anniversary with the best company in the business doing the best job in the whole wide world!!! It’s hard to believe where we were just one little year ago… We were moving into our old Mini right about now since we had to go somewhere with the Big Game being in New Orleans. Moving out of Snowball and into the apartment was such a relief. No more worries about the water problems or the roof…just a safe comfortable relaxing space to call our own. And we sure did make it our own with lots of upcycling and lots of homemade goodies.

When we first landed we weren’t sure if this was our new home or just a rest stop to regroup. We didn’t know if we’d like the job or the area so everything was on a wait and see basis. But this is home now, we are staying put!! I used to see the birds flying and wish I could fly with them to places unknown, to go on great adventures, see the world… But now I’m more than content to stay right here and visit places on vacation rather than run around chasing happiness. Finally had that AH HA moment!! If happiness was what I was after I found it quadruple fold!!

Now we’re less than a week away from moving into our new apartment!! Its hard to believe we packed up everything at the old Mini about 12 weeks ago, some days it feels like it’s been a lifetime since we were in our own space but other times it’s like it was yesterday and we’re wondering where all the time went!! Everyday we look at the apartment and big huge changes are happening, it’s going to be absolutely amazing, more than we could have dreamed of only 1 short year ago!! However…we have no plans of ever transferring Minis again. No thank you!! The displacement is hard but missing the old Mini is worse and I don’t want to leave our tenants ever again!! I’m very attached and I don’t want to say good-bye again…not until retirement that is. 😉

One short year has brought so many blessings into our lives it’s impossible to sum them all up in one little post… The highlights…the perfect job for us…a great city with so much to see and do…the bestest friends in the whole wide world…financial stability…and hope for a great future!!

So many great things are about to happen I can hardly stand it!! This time next week we’ll be moving in and starting the next chapter of our fabulous Mini life!!

With Much Love



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