Choose Survivor!!

A lot has been going on to really force me to put things into perspective, to look at the bigger picture and to let the little things go. I’ve always felt that one’s perspective is what determines their overall state of happiness. It takes the saying “Is the glass half full or half empty” to the extreme, I know, but perspective and gratitude are travel companions. Sometimes a different perspective is all that’s needed to find the gratitude in a situation. If we pull back and view the bigger picture it has a way of putting everything in its place in the scheme of things we call life.

Perspective for me is being able to look at a situation or chain of events from multiple angles and then decide my response accordingly. A lot of comparison goes on, nothing is truly black or white, we live in a world of gray due to so many variables, but we can choose to turn any of the gray into a beautiful hue of our choosing.

Sometimes things happen that just suck. There’s no getting around it…it happens to everybody…usually when you aren’t expecting it…regardless it just sucks!! But I promise you…no matter what ‘it’ is there is always something worse. It can always be worse, some way some how.


I met a tenant of ours for the first time this past Saturday. She came in to pay her rent and we started chatting. Turns out she’s a shooting instructor and also gives self-defense classes and teaches observation/surroundings awareness classes all geared towards women. She taught me a few tips and tricks then she told me her story and how she got into this line of work. Many years ago she was using an outdoor ATM but when she returned to her car there was a man hiding behind the bumper. He kidnapped her with a knife to her throat, raped her and left her for dead. It took 16 years but they caught the bastard and he is serving 7 consecutive life sentences for his crimes against her and 6 other women in the New Orleans area. She said she lived in fear and as a victim the first year after her attack. But being a victim sucked…she was sad…always alone…afraid to go anywhere…just over all completely miserable. After a year she decided to leave victim in the past and to become a survivor!! She learned how to protect herself and she has since devoted her life to teaching other women the same techniques and skills to protect themselves.

You just never know who you’re going to meet in this fabulous job we have. Chris has been on me for years to take a class to be comfortable around guns and to learn how they work and how to shoot one, just in case, God forbid, I ever have to. I’ve wanted to take a self-defense class or course for years to feel more confident that I could protect myself if the need every arose. The reason I haven’t done any of the above is because I always ‘assumed’ that I’d be learning from a big macho muscle-bound dude and that intimidated me and made me extremely uncomfortable. Now I have an option I’m completely comfortable with. She is an amazing woman, very inspiring with an aura about her that screams confidence.

She could have allowed the attack to ruin her life but instead she choose not to, she choose survivor over victim. Her story could have been worse…because it always can be!! Maybe this is an extreme example but for me at least it’s the extremes that put all the little stuff into the right perspective. Seems a little silly to be fretting and complaining about our apartment not being ready yet… She’ll be ready when she’s ready, we’ll move in and live happily ever after. What’s another week in the scheme of it all? Nothing!! It’s all in perspective…find the half full perspective…run towards happy…choose survivor!!

With Much Love



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