Twinks Birthday Celebration

After being sick all last week we are finally getting things back to normal. We had quite the head cold with the tickle cough that just wouldn’t let up!! Nothing was going to keep us from celebrating Rebecca’s birthday last weekend though!! My Twinks personal holiday…you bet we’re going to celebrate in a big ole way!!

DSCF1926Saturday us girls went out for lunch and then a mini spa day complete with getting her curls styled and her face professionally painted. To top off the fun we had us a little shopping spree at Charmin Charlies. I’d never heard of this great little store until we got down here and Twinks introduced me. It’s an absolutely fabulous accessory store with really reasonable prices with everything from purses to scarves to belts to jewelry galore and hats. We filled our basket with goodies to add a little bling and sparkle to our wardrobes…when we get to de-mini that is. 😉 So now that we’re all dolled up – of course we gotta go out!! The Mini family met up for dinner at a great little place close by called The Blue Tomato, you gotta love how things are named around here!! Aren’t we just to stinkin cute?!?!


DSCF1925 DSCF1929







But that’s not the end of the celebration!! Sunday we all got up at the crack of dawn to go to Mississippi for the day. A little flea market exploring and then a picnic lunch and some time on the beach. I admit…it was a little chilly on the beach for me… I think the transformation has begun…I’m turning…southern!! Ah Ha Ha Ha!! When 70 degrees and sunshine is too cool for a sundress…something is changing!! But it didn’t stop us one bit!! We oiled up and laid out managing to get our first mini burn to jump-start our tanning for the season.

Operation Birthday Celebration was a huge hit!! We had a blast together as always. It’s been awhile since we hung out and got away from the Mini for a little while. Just what we all needed to blow the stink off and start this week fresh. It’s easy for the Mini walls to start closing in when we don’t wander off the island every once in a while. All work and no play make us Twinks sad & cranky!!

We are so grateful to have Alex & Rebecca in our lives!! They aren’t just friends…another couple to hang out with…they are family!! We are blessed!! Love ya Twinks, my sister, my bestie!!

I know I’m terribly behind on my pics… Shame on me!! I have some project pics of things I’ve completed for the new apartment and of course apartment pics too. Our flowers in front of the Mini are starting to bloom and they are amazing!! I’ll work on a whole post with all kinds of pics… Promise!!

With Much Love



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