Farewell Blog

Well this has been a long time coming… I’ve put it off for too long already… This will be my last post on Madcap328.

I couldn’t shut down the blog without one final farewell to the few of you left that still get the emails. No one comes here anymore. Why would they?? I hardly post and when I do it’s so random…without the RV adventure the blog has floundered and become quite boring. If I wouldn’t follow it or read the emails who am I kidding to think that anyone else would either!!

I enjoyed writing to y’all when I had something to write about. But with the Mini…I love our job, our new life, too much to write anything that could in any way jeopardize it. The crafting…well…that’s coming to a close too. The new shop is great when it isn’t too hot and the bugs stay away. I live less than 2 blocks from the great Mississippi River in the deep south. High temps and bugs are just a part of life here. No where to craft = no crafts. Which takes yet another topic off the table. Clean eating… If y’all are truly interested there are hundreds of really good blogs dedicated exclusively to the wonderful world of clean eating…this will never be one of them though.

I won’t drag this out. It’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously!!

I wish you all the very best, where ever your adventure leads you!!

With Much Love



4 thoughts on “Farewell Blog

  1. Kristy,
    Oh, boo. I’ve been keeping up with your posts, but don’t always put up comments. I know you’ve got to do what’s right for you. It sounds like your life is settling in to a nice rhythm where you are. We’ll be in New Orleans for a very short family visit May 17-18. Bob’s great aunt is having a 90th birthday party Sunday afternoon. We’re driving over from San Antonio with Bob’s mom and sister who are visiting us from Las Vegas. Are you confused yet? Anyway, I wish we had more time so we could meet again.Our gate guarding meet-up at DQ in Cotulla was two years ago! My how time flies!

  2. Well, darn!

    I was aware of the declining number of posts, and have a blog of my own that just languishes, untouched, for months at a time so understand.

    Thank you for being here and letting us readers be “there” with you. I enjoyed and identified with the CamperForce era as I did a stint in the NV location in ’12 and had to bail after a month as my feet just were well enough prepared by me for that much walking. Still a great experience.

    I admit some of your upcycling was not to my tastes but I greatly enjoyed reading of your work and joy and liked the vast majority of the pieces and works you did. Your creativity and skills impressed me.

    Have fun in your next chapters, whatever they may be.

    Thanks again for sharing,

    Steven Gullette

    Monument CO

  3. My comments few and far but I loved following your writing. Ever since Amazon and all your blowouts Now your in a wonderful spot…love all things Cajun and NOLA. May you continue to be blessed…can’t you just leave the blog our there and give us quarterly updates :). I’d love that..as for clean eating don’t give up. Baby steps, try new things and may it will become easier part of the time. We can’t always be good!

  4. So sorry to hear you’re discontinuing your blog, but I know how much work it can be. It was really great to meet you guys! I wish you only the best, and if you decide to blog again, I will read it. Be happy!

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