Apartment Progress

The new apartment is pretty dang amazing!! It’s nice and big with lots of nooks throughout. But I didn’t feel that way initially… At first I was having issues embracing the uniqueness of the apartment. Our old furniture wasn’t fitting right, everything had such a left-handed feel to it, especially the living room. But I had an epiphany, with a lot of help from Chris, and now I’m excited to start decorating our new space!! Since we’re going to be here for a very Very VERY long time it only makes sense to decorate in things we are absolutely in love with. It may take longer…but hunting for the perfect pieces of furniture to refinish and searching online for the most fabulous curtains ever… That’s all part of the fun!!

DSCF1940Speaking of the most fabulous curtains EVER… I found them and they arrived this week!! To tell the truth I didn’t have to hunt for these gems very long, one little search and they were right there – just waiting for me!! I am in love with these curtains!! I think the colors are amazing and the pattern is so fun. Now if only the new bedspread would cooperate… Oh well…Let the hunt begin!!


DSCF1941One of my favorite features of the apartment is the addition of these long deep windows. They let the sunshine in without sacrificing privacy and they are perfect for plants since the kids can’t get to them!! Some of my plants are starters so we’ll see where they get to live permanently once they’ve outgrown their current space. The kitchen window is now the home of my little herb garden. Sneaky me put the plants up after the curtains were hung so a certain little kitty wouldn’t be the wiser. Worked like a charm!! Now we have fresh rosemary, oregano, basil, sweet mint and cilantro whenever we like.

DSCF1960 DSCF1961






A couple of weeks ago while Chris and I were battling a head cold I redid the pictures for the bathroom. The ones I originally made were just OK, I loved the concept…the vision in my head…but the finished product wasn’t exactly right. Besides, the frames were just too small for the new space. We needed bigger and bolder!! I’m in love with these now!!

DSCF1970We also have a large bay window in our bedroom. From the moment Chris and I saw it we knew it’d be a favorite cat hangout. What furry kid can resist a huge window to sprawl out in and soak up all those sunbeams?? Well they must have a pillow to lay on…right? 😉 So Momma made ’em one!! It isn’t anything fancy…it is a cat bed after all… The kids love the tie blankets I’ve made in the past, it’s their absolute 1st choice for snuggle time, so it was a perfect combo to make their pillow/bed like a tie blanket. The only difference is I added some quilt stuffing in the middle before tying it off. Happy Kids = Happy Home!! 🙂

DSCF1972This candle holder was given to me…almost as a test… It was absolutely hideous and filthy, one foot in the trash. But I saw some potential…some hope that a little hug (paint) could bring her back to life. Much to even my surprise I decided on a cream color to spray paint it with. I didn’t even know I had such a calm color in my arsenal. Easy breezy!! Just add some pretty (bright) candles and my table centerpiece is complete. Test Score = A+ Now to just finish the rest of the table setting… Follow up to come!!

Chris and I have been working hard to get my new craft/upcycling shop up and running. In the new apartment I don’t really have a space to craft so our storage unit outside will have to do. It really isn’t a big deal since the bulk majority of my projects have to be done outside anyway. Everything is in the shop, which was a huge undertaking all by itself, and the electrical is all done, a big project for Chris, now just to organize all my goodies… I have A LOT of stuff!! It’s getting hard to keep working on the shop without working on any projects!! I have a couple that I can’t wait to get my hands on!! In time…in time…

Well, I’m off to get ready for another fabulous day at the Mini!!

With Much Love




Twinks Birthday Celebration

After being sick all last week we are finally getting things back to normal. We had quite the head cold with the tickle cough that just wouldn’t let up!! Nothing was going to keep us from celebrating Rebecca’s birthday last weekend though!! My Twinks personal holiday…you bet we’re going to celebrate in a big ole way!!

DSCF1926Saturday us girls went out for lunch and then a mini spa day complete with getting her curls styled and her face professionally painted. To top off the fun we had us a little shopping spree at Charmin Charlies. I’d never heard of this great little store until we got down here and Twinks introduced me. It’s an absolutely fabulous accessory store with really reasonable prices with everything from purses to scarves to belts to jewelry galore and hats. We filled our basket with goodies to add a little bling and sparkle to our wardrobes…when we get to de-mini that is. 😉 So now that we’re all dolled up – of course we gotta go out!! The Mini family met up for dinner at a great little place close by called The Blue Tomato, you gotta love how things are named around here!! Aren’t we just to stinkin cute?!?!


DSCF1925 DSCF1929







But that’s not the end of the celebration!! Sunday we all got up at the crack of dawn to go to Mississippi for the day. A little flea market exploring and then a picnic lunch and some time on the beach. I admit…it was a little chilly on the beach for me… I think the transformation has begun…I’m turning…southern!! Ah Ha Ha Ha!! When 70 degrees and sunshine is too cool for a sundress…something is changing!! But it didn’t stop us one bit!! We oiled up and laid out managing to get our first mini burn to jump-start our tanning for the season.

Operation Birthday Celebration was a huge hit!! We had a blast together as always. It’s been awhile since we hung out and got away from the Mini for a little while. Just what we all needed to blow the stink off and start this week fresh. It’s easy for the Mini walls to start closing in when we don’t wander off the island every once in a while. All work and no play make us Twinks sad & cranky!!

We are so grateful to have Alex & Rebecca in our lives!! They aren’t just friends…another couple to hang out with…they are family!! We are blessed!! Love ya Twinks, my sister, my bestie!!

I know I’m terribly behind on my pics… Shame on me!! I have some project pics of things I’ve completed for the new apartment and of course apartment pics too. Our flowers in front of the Mini are starting to bloom and they are amazing!! I’ll work on a whole post with all kinds of pics… Promise!!

With Much Love


I’m Back!!

Where to start?? It feels like forever since I’ve been able to sit in my comfy chair, in our home, and chat with you. Oh wait, it has been forever!! A little over 4 months to be exact…but who’s counting?? 😉

The transition between Mini’s was harder on us than either of us could have imagined when we originally accepted the promotion. What was originally supposed to be 6 weeks of displacement turned into 3 whole months. It was a long and trying experience…there were days I didn’t think I was going to make it, and Chris had his moments too…thank heavens our breakdowns didn’t coincide!! Who know what that would have led to!! The move to the Twinks was our saving grace, without them it simply would have been unbearable.

We’ve moved into the new apartment…well for the most part. We still have a lot of things in storage. Some of it is just lack of time to go through everything the other is that the space here is so much different and we just haven’t felt it all out yet but it’ll all come together…at least that’s what my Mom keeps telling me anyway. 😉 But with internet and TV services finally in place things are starting to get back to normal…our kinda crazy normal but normal nonetheless.

The new Mini is fabulous!! We love our new location!! It’s been a lot more work but she is really starting to shine. There’s just something about putting your back into it, sweating it out and then just standing back to enjoy the progress. We still have quite a ways to go but we’re enjoying our small victories as they come and pushing forward week after week. Even with the struggles during the transfer we’re still happy we took this opportunity and we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Since we’ve moved into the new apartment we’ve finally been able to start our transition into the world of clean eating. I did a lot of research on it while we were in limbo so when that glorious day finally arrived I’d be prepared to get started. We lucked out because we had next to nothing for the fridge or pantry when we moved in. A blessing in disguise you might say…hard on the wallet but easy for the transition since we didn’t have a bunch of junk to get rid of or use up…just a lot space for the good stuff!! We’ve been really surprised at how much less ‘real food’ we eat over the processed junk. Our grocery budget has shrunk dramatically simply because we can’t eat as much as we were before. Our pantry is what I once would have considered sparse but I’m preferring it this way now. We have whole wheat pasta, brown rice, canned tomatoes and beans, bags of potatoes and onions along with lots of herbs and spices. The fridge is just as lean…eggs, veggies, fruits, cheeses… I’m sure we’ll be chatting a lot more about this as we go along. Every week we’re trying to delve further into the world of clean eating by removing more processed foods. This coming week…I’m kicking the soda outta my diet completely. Chris isn’t ready for this step so I’m taking this one on solo. Keep y’all posted!! I’m happy to report that we’ve both lost 10 pounds since we moved in and have switched to a cleaner way of eating, without counting or measuring anything!! Just sayin… 😉

We’ve also been giving our new FitBits quite the workout. This Mini is A LOT bigger than our old one which means a whole lotta more steps happening now!! I actually made my 10,000 steps every single day last week!!! A first for me!! Chris gets his steps in all the time…whatever!! 🙂 I was tired…don’t get me wrong…but the sense of accomplishment more than made up for it!!

A lot has been going on… I’m sure I’m leaving a bunch of stuff out. But now that our internet has been restored I’ll be back on the posting wagon and fill y’all in on all the juicy tidbits as I come across em.

With Much Love